We have come a long way

and there is still some more to go…

Summer has come. Instagram is filled up again with pictures of poolside aperitivos in Tuscany, people playing cards while drinking Pastis in the South of France or the usual beach lounging in Ibiza.
Academic years in schools are clearly over, tutors and students finally on a well earned break. Assessment is done, marks have been given and diplomas were handed out. 

What a year it has been, for everybody! 

It seems as if we all just want to forget (or have already forgotten) those last strange months of smart working, hybrid learning and social lockdowns. How is this possible?

What a year will we be facing starting September?

Nobody really knows, but… 
- It is a certain fact that hybrid or blended learning will stay on the scene and with it even more machines and complicated interactions. 
- It is another certain fact that current business models of schools offering Higher Education will have to be revised and rethought completely. Not top down, but bottom up.

It is time for Smart Education

Patrizia Barbieri, a Marketing expert in Higher Education and this month’s thoughtleader, thinks that smart education is to allow students a space for active participation. A possibility for them to connect with people around the globe, to learn different perspectives , to teach each other not to be afraid of reaching out, and to learn to take advantage of these new tools we have at our disposal. Smart education uses technology to interact and work collaboratively.

All we need is to start, and to start right after our holidays… For now, let us relax during this short creative break. Let us take the time and make the space to get thoughts floating again, to come up with new ideas to think of new ways to do new things.
Or as Patrizia says so clearly in our exchange, information is so easily accessible, you forget stuff way too easily. Please do not forget what we have been through in order to be where we are now… summer 2021!

The series is giving a voice to interesting, sometimes radical thoughts and the individuals to whom they belong. Real and healthy food for thought.

Patrizia Barbieri, Italian born, now living south eastern Spain, has 10+ years of experience in marketing, specializing in education and the design sector. She is a natural connector and thought leader contributing an important point of view to contemporary education, training, their development, marketing and sales. She shares her thoughts on smart education and how growing up in the 90’s has some advantages. read it here!

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